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The OpenLearn website gives free access to Open University course materials. In the LearningSpace section you will find hundreds of free study units, each with a discussion forum. Study independently at your own pace or join a group and use the free learning tools to work with others.


OpenLearn offers access to free articles and information sheets on topics such as 'What is Alzheimer's Disease?'; 'Dementia Care'; 'End of Life'; 'Caring within Marriage' and 'Can we ever learn to love Social Workers?'. There is also a short quiz, 'Hard Choices: How would you react?' which shows some of the choices Social Workers have to make in their jobs.
To access these, you need to click Body and Mind, then Social Care. Why not take look at Health Studies or Psychology in the same section.


The LearningSpace has over 500 learning programmes that are split into different study units across 12 subject areas including Health and Social Care; Psychology and Skills for Life. These units are offered at either Introductory, Intermediate or Advance levels and range from 1 to 24 hours in learning times. Some example units are as follows:


Units in Health & Social Care:
* Alcohol and Human Health
* Caring: A Family Affair
* Diversity and Difference in Communication
* Introducing Social Work Practice


Units in Psychology:
* The Autistic Spectrum from Theory to Practice
* Understanding Dyslexia


Units in Skills for Life:
* Giving Presentations
* Learning how to Learn
* What is Good Writing?


Each programme gives a detailed Introduction, clear programme specific Learning Outcomes, Topics and Activities and many have Revision Questions to help you assess your progress.


To access this free resource from the Open University you will need to visit the Open University website to sign up for a free Open University account.

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